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Eyelid cleansing

The cleansing routine outlined below should be followed at least twice a day.

* Failure to perform daily lid hygiene results in little or no improvement *untitled

Option 1: With a warm teaspoon place the rounded part of the spoon under the eyelid and rotate upwards along the entire lid margin.  Repeat for the top lid with a downward roll.

Option 2: Take a clean washcloth, wet it with fairly warm water, wring it out and place it over your closed eyelids for five minutes (make sure that the cloth is not hot enough to burn you). You can also heat the wet washcloth in the microwave. This will help soften any loose, oily debris on the eyelids and also help open the meibomian gland and melt the oil for easier expression.

clock eyes

If you are not using one of the ready-made eyelid cleansing solutions (Sterilid®) prepare your own by half filling a small glass or egg cup with warm water and adding 1-2 drops of No Tears Baby Shampoo.

Moisten a cotton bud in the solution and then gently scrub along the eyelid margin where the eyelashes come out, for about one to two minutes on each lid. It is important not to squeeze your eye tightly closed or else you will not clean the base of the lashes properly along the lash margin. Do not clean on the very inside (red) part of the eyelid.

cotton bud eyeUse another cotton bud moistened in the solution to brush any scaly areas from the eyelids. You may need to look into a mirror for this procedure and it should take approximately half a minute on each eye. Thoroughly rinse your eyelids with cool tap water and dry with a towel.

Eyelid cleansing needs to be continued following treatment with the The LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System.