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Cataracts develop very slowly and if you have early cataracts, you are probably not aware of it. However, Dr. Thomas Eshun-Wilson can detect them early and would prefer to detect them early rather than late. Anything that interferes with transparency in the eye’s structures will impair your vision and cataracts are one of the world’s leading causes of blindness.

Briefly, cataracts are a clouding-up of the eye’s lens. In a healthy eye, the lens is 100% transparent so as to let light through to the retina. That full complement of light brings in all the image detail, the colour, and the shading of light and dark, that is in the scene you are looking at.

When any piece of that full load of data is missing, your vision is missing some coMaturerresponding detail. Cataracts are small opacities that block a little of the incoming light and deprive the retina of a little bit of information. They scatter the light, preventing it from focusing on the
retina. Over a few years, cataracts expand and become more
numerous, blocking more light.

With moderate to severe cataracts, you will notice a loss of colour perception, of sharp focus, and of light and dark differentiation.

Cataract Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms are subjective and personal to you, whereas signs are objective and when found by a doctor. At first you wouldn’t notice any symptoms, although Thomas may be able to detect signs of early cataracts.

After a little while, you may start to notice your vision getting a bit blurreye-health-cataract-imgy, like l
ooking through a misted-up window. Lights may start to cause symptoms of glare in conditions such as oncoming vehicle headlights at night or a light in yo
ur house. Colours might start to look a bit faded.

Symptoms vary according to which type of cataract you have. At some point, it will become appropriate to treat it, and you can discuss with Thomas whether to have cataract surgery and what sort of intraocular lens could best replace your natural lens.

For more information about the three different types of cataracts.

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