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What is an IOL?

pic-cat-iolIOL stands for Intraocular Lens, meaning an artificial lens that can replace your eye’s natural lens.

The natural lens is suspended behind the iris, held in place by fine ligaments. It is inside a capsule, or pocket, which is as transparent as the lens itself, so that light can travel through and give you vision.

Why would anyone want to replace their eye’s lens? Well, sometimes that is the only way a person’s vision can be preserved. Most often, it is cataracts that must be treated by replacing the lens, but sometimes hyperopia is treated that way – and if the lens is badly injured somehow, as in a traumatic blow to the eye, a person’s sight might be restored by giving them a new lens.

When Dr. Thomas Eshun-Wilson places an IOL in your eye, he positions it inside the same little pocket that held the natural lens. Your eye will continue working the same way as it did with your natural lens and the IOL will provide similar lens functions. IOLs are transparent to allow light through to the retina. They focus incoming light to supplement the focusing done by the cornea and give you clear vision

You do not feel the IOL in your eye any more than you feel the natural lens. Just use your eyes the same way you always have, and the IOL will do its job.

Here at Wilson Eye Centre we can offer Multifocal intraocular lenses (MFIOLs) theseat_lisa_tri lenses give you a chance at life without glasses. In the past, only distance refractive errors (farsighted and nearsighted) could be corrected with intraocular lens implants at the time of cataract surgery. This is now part of history as we finally have an intraocular lens that can give both distance and near vision (in 95% of viewing situations).

Benefits of Multifocal IOLs include:

  • Watching TV and reading the program guide without glasses.
  • Knitting/Fishing/Gardening without glasses.
  • Able to go shopping without reading glasses.
  • Reading books and newspapers (without glasses) at long last, whilst having good unaided distance vision.
  • Shaving/applying makeup without glasses.
  • No more fogging, no more rain drops, no more scratched lenses, no more LOOKING FOR YOUR GLASSES.


Click on the link to view the benefits of the Multifocal Intraocular Lens Implant: