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Laser treatments

For Abnormal Blood Vessels

Dr. Thomas Eshun-Wilson can give you what is called a scatter laser treatment. The laser touches on the retina in many tiny places, perhaps as many as 2,000. You would need two or more treatments since there are so many microscopic “burns” needed. None of them are done inside the macula.

This treatment can save your central vision although you might lose a little of your side vision. It is best done before the blood vessels are leaking – which is why you should come to our office for regular eye exams. Sometimes it can still be done after leaking has started.

For Macular Oedema

Because the damaged blood vessels are leaky, fluid builds up in the macula tissue causing it to swell. This is called Oedema. In a procedure called focal laser treatment (as opposed to the scatter laser treatment above) Thomas can touch the laser in several hundred places on the retina to shrink the abnormal blood vessels and stop the leakage.

This is a one-visit procedure, although you might need to come for more than one procedure if there is severe leakage as monitored by our OCT device (Optical Coherence Tomography). If you have macular oedema in both eyes, Thomas will usually treat just one eye per visit. Focal laser treatment can reduce vision loss by as much as 50%. Sometimes injections are also required to supplement the laser treatment.

When You Come For Your Laser Treatment

It is imperative that you arrange a driver to and from your appointment. Also bring sunglasses with you. First, Thomas will dilate the pupil in the eye to be treated .He will dim the lights and ask you to sit facing the laser machine. For the treatment, he will hold a special lens to your eye and when he uses the laser, you may see some light flashes. When he is finished, your vision might be a bit blurry for the rest of the day.

With good follow-up care, diabetic laser treatments can reduce your risk of blindness by 90%.