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The Amsler Grid

The Amsler Grid is a grid of black lines on a white background and has a dot in the middle. You can print one out by clicking here.

Put your reading glasses on to do this test.amslergrid

  • Hold the grid 30cm from your face.
  • Cover one eye and focus on the central dot.
  • Do the lines look straight and even or do they look wavy or blurry?
  • Do the squares all look the same size or different sizes?
  • Are there any dark areas or missing areas on the grid?
  • Can you see the four corners and four sides of the grid?

Now cover the other eye and focus on the dot and ask yourself the same questions.

If you have no macular degeneration, the lines will look straight and the squares all the same size, the corners and sides will be clearly visible, and there will be no missing or dark areas. If you are developing some macular degeneration, you may notice any or all of these irregularities.

VERY IMPORTANT: You need to contact Wilson Eye Centre immediately if you noticed any irregularities. Feel free to draw on your chart and bring this with you to your appointment.